I haven't touched this site in quite a while (as you can see), but it's not because I've disappeared completely. I've built another site and have been posting my photos to it for quite some time now. It's at http://www.evilKitchen.ca, and will be the only site I update for the foreseeable future.

I'm not sure if I'll do anything with this domain, but I know I'll be hanging on to it for my emails if nothing else. I do quite like having my own name domain, even if evilKitchen is an anagram of it.
July 07, 2008

In preparation for the move.
So, I've been spending a lot of my free time lately packing up, requesting and filling out forms of varying lengths and degrees of complexity, organizing my things for sale, and of course packing.

I've found a place for the boys to live, I just need to fax them 4 pounds worth of documents & pay them an arm and a leg to get everything cleared for their arrival. For 2 cats that were basically free, they're sure costing me a lot of money...but they're certainly well traveled.

So yea, the intent of this post is twofold. Mainly, it's to direct you to the things I have for sale in preparation for my move. In addition to that, it also serves as a means to invite you to enter my little contest (open only to folks in the BVI, I'm not shipping this stuff back to Canada, sorry!).

My official moving date is Nov. 9th, and I'll be starting work at the London office the following Monday. I'm all manner of nervous, excited, and probably a few other emotions as well.
October 09, 2006

UK Work Permit
So finally, it's been approved and I'm moving to the UK. For those of you who've known me for any length of time, you'll know that this was something I've been trying to do for the better part of a decade so I'm fairly excited about all of this.

I'm not certain when the move will happen, but it's probably going to be end of October or early November now. I need to give a months notice at my current residence and I'm not sure I'll be able to get everything sorted in time to be out by October so we'll see. I apparantley need to go to Barbados to get some paperwork done at the UK embassy there...I'm still reading through all the papers they've sent me so I'm still not 100% sure what needs to be done.

When I figure it all out, I'll post it here!
September 22, 2006

Beat the storm
So, my flight out of Tortola on wednesday was fairly uneventful. We managed to pull out of the island shortly before the storm hit and it was pretty smooth sailing all the way to Calgary.

So far I've just been chilling with some relatives, drinking lots of Canadian beer (mmm...Keith's) and eating A&W. I plan on gaining at least 20 lbs while I'm here, if not more.

Still no word on the UK permit...
August 06, 2006

Curse you mother nature!
Well, I'm scheduled to fly back to Canada tomorrow morning but it looks like that will be postponed for at least one day.

Tropical Storm Chris is scheduled to pass over the island around 8am and will be in the area for the better part of the day, so getting out of here probably isn't going to happen. On the plus side, while planes are grounded I can still drive so I'll be able to come to work tomorrow. Yay!
August 01, 2006

Updates to the site.
March 22, 2007
It's been ages, I know!

The theory is I'll have internet at home by next week, so I'll be able to update things again then.

In the meantime, there's a few uncommented photos in the gallery, and I've joined facebook as well.

October 24, 2006
Barbados was awesome and I took a TON of photos.

Should have them up this evening.

September 29, 2006
Tentative London Start Date: Nov. 13th, 2006.

I depends on a few things, but it looks like I should be there by then. If you're in the BVI and feel like helping me pack, give me a call!

August 12, 2006
Oops, I haven't got my email addy anywhere here on the site yet. When I finish my "about" page it'll be there, but untill then it's kevin@kevinleitch.com.

If you're a spammer, feel free to ignore that address ;)

July 31, 2006
Site change-over is almost complete. There's a few little fixes (mostly for FireFox) that need to be done, but I'm more or less happy with the new look.

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